Albanian Tourism Guide

Professional Master Degree in Albanian Tourism Guide

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The Professional Master Degree Program in”Albanian Tourist Guide” offers students the opportunity to deepen and develop their knowledge as well as practical and professional skills in tourist guides. Knowing the natural, cultural and archaeological resources associated with the management and marketing skills of tourism destinations, creates the premises for more specialized guides that will operate in the Albanian territory. Proffessional practices and terminology in foreign language provide the student with the necessary knowledges to compete in the local and regional tourism market.

Why should you study in this program?

1. Provide students with the opportunity to develop in depth their knowledge as well as practical and professional skills towards tourist guide.

2. Provides knowledges regarding natural, cultural, archaeological and associated resources, management and marketing skills of tourism destinations.

3. Creates premises and opportunities for specialized tourist guides in Albanian territory

4. Provide students with the ability to analyze tourism as an integrated spatial process in the context of contemporary mobility.

Where can you get employed after graduating? The Professional Master Degree Program in “Albanian Tourist Guide” provides in depth knowledge in the field of tourism by increasing the professional career opportunities of regional and national tourist guides. Developing technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills enables the employment of graduates in businesses of different types and dimensions of the tourism industry, such as: Professional tourist guides at the private sector tourism agencies, the National Tourism Agency (ANT), the Albanian Association (ATA), National Association of Tourist Guides (NATGA), Professional Guide to Regional Directorates of National Culture (RGNC), Albanian Tourist Union (ATU), freelance guide,ect.