Management of Tourism Enterprises

Professional Master Degree in Management of Tourism Enterprises

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The Master’s Degree in ” Management of Tourism Enterprises” provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, as well as practical and professional skills in the management of tourism enterprises. Increasing knowledge in depth on tourism sector and its trends, dealing with methods of managing tourism enterprises and human resources, evaluating the importance of communication and marketing as well as income management methods and costs together with proffessional practice provide the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform as good managers in the tourism business market. The curriculum of the study program is rich with modules and contemporary literature. This study program aims to form through the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies in future professionals in the field of tourism

Why should you study in this program?

1. It offers students the opportunity to develop knowledge as well as practical and professional skills in the field of enterprise management.

2. Creates premises and forms specialists for the management of tourism enterprises. Apply internships outside the auditorium.

3. Provides practical knowledge and tools for employment in the tourism sector.

4. Provide students with the ability to analyze tourism as an integrated spatial process in the context of contemporary mobility.

Where can you get employed after graduating? The Professional Master study program in “Management of Tourism Enterprises” offers excellent knowledge in the field of tourism by increasing the opportunities for a professional career and employment opportunities as the manager of regional and national tourism enterprises. By developing technical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills the employment of graduates in businesses of different types and dimensions in the tourism industry is possible, such as: in the private sector as travel agencies, various tour operators, organizations, and institutions in the field of tourism.