Economic Sciences Departament

Department of Economics

The Department of Economic Sciences is one of the five basic units of the Faculty of Business. It consists of fifteen member with grade such us Professors, Assoc. Professors, and Doctors of Science.

The staff of the department manages with high quality and responsibility the progress of studies in three Study Cycles: Bachelor in “Economic Sciences”, Master of Science in “Business Economics” and Doctorate in “Economic Sciences”.

Teaching process base on contemporary curricula designed by the lecturers themselves, updated and based on the latest data of the academic sphere in accordance with the directions that everyone possesses with professionalism.

The work of the members of the Department of Economic Sciences is an intensive and responsible work individually and in groups, to help the student community, the academic-scientific and policy-making, as well as to help local business.

In accordance with the philosophy “Student in the spotlight” of UAMD as an institution, the Department is a structure created for the student, meaning that everything that happens at the university from the teaching process, services, activities and tools are available exclusively to the student.

The study program offered by the Department of Economic Sciences, the first and second cycle of studies, are followed with passion by students interested in profiling in the field of Economics from all

over the country. There is a continuity of attending studies from the first cycle Bachelor in the second cycle of Master of Science, and waiting for the next academic year, also in the third cycle Doctorate, which is in the process of reorganization.

The vision of the Department of Economic Sciences is to create a free and autonomous scientific core, at the forefront of teaching and research, capable of leading students responsibly by contributing worthily to the labor market.

The internationalization of the programs offered by the Department of Economic Sciences remains an integral part of the vision of this unit. The process of internationalization of knowledge represents one of the main pillars of the regional, European and global education system. To support this process, the Department of Economic Sciences provides students with quality academic knowledge in accordance with international standards for higher education.

The mission of the Department of Economic Sciences is to provide continuous, contemporary and in-depth knowledge of students in the field of Economic Sciences, appropriate to Albanian traditions, European standards and the requirements of regional interest groups.



Departament Chief

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Flora Merko


Dr. Altin GJINI


Dr. Ela Golemi


Dr. Alma ZISI


Martin Kuka


Jonida Gashi