Economic Sciences Departament

Department of Economics

Economics Science Department is one of the five departments of Business Faculty, University “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durrës. The department has 15 academic staff that consist in professors with a long academic career, as well as new dynamic staff which is highly motivated to fulfill their mission with responsibility.

From more than 10 years, the department is engaged in student’s education in regard to Economics Sciences in three levels of studies – Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level, contributing to improve the discipline through research and teaching.

The academic staff of the department pays particular attention to scientific research by being active participant in national and international scientific conferences, and through numerous papers publications in scientific journals.

With the same devotion that teaching is realized, the department aims to become a research center through the implementation of research projects that intend to analyze issues closely related with the community and local business.


Departament Chief

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Flora Merko


Dr. Altin GJINI


Dr. Ela Golemi


Dr. Alma ZISI


Martin Kuka


Jonida Gashi