Economic Sciences

Bachelor in Economic Sciences (English)

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Program Description of Bsc in Economic Sciences

The Bachelor degree in Economic Sciences is structured in three academic years or 6 semesters. For each individual course attended and successfully completed students are awarded a number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and also American credits.

In order to complete the undergraduate in Economics, it is mandatory to enroll in at least six academic semesters and successfully achieve 180 ECTS credits. These credits are divided respectively 36 credits in disciplines of basic education, 90 credits in disciplines of specialized background building program, 18 credits in disciplines like and/or integrated with disciplines of specialized background program, 30 credits in elective subjects including the foreign language, and 6 credits for thesis preparation at the end of the program.


Why to study in this program?

Studying Economics is fascinating because it is concerned: with individual and groups behavior, how the laws and policies generated by legal and political institutions affect our lives, how the past affects and gives context to the present, how the resources and processes of the natural world affect humans. The study of Economics can also provide valuable knowledge for making decisions in everyday life. It offers a tool with which to approach questions about the desirability of a particular financial investment opportunity, whether or not to attend college or graduate school, the benefits and costs of alternative careers, and the likely impacts of public policies including universal health care and a higher minimum wage.

Also, gaining a bachelor diploma is a sufficient qualification to attend the second level of education (Msc program) in different subjects like economics, finance, management, marketing, etc.

Where can we work after finishing studies?

A bachelor’s degree in Economics is generally not sufficient to obtain a position as an economist or economic analyst, but is excellent preparation for a wide variety of entry-level positions in private businesses or government institutions. Besides that, having a bachelor diploma in economics gives you a strong factor to start and develop successfully your own business. More specifically, a variety of work positions in financial institutions such as banks and financial institutions of microcredit, in national and international private companies, and in almost all public state institutions. In most of the work positions demanded by private and public institutions is required possessing a Bachelor Degree in Economics