Flora Merko

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Flora Merko is a lecturer in the Department of Economic Sciencies at Faculty of Business at University “Aleksandër Moisiu” of Durrës. She holds degrees BSc “Agrarian Economy”, MSc “Economy and Agrarian Policy”, PhD in “Economy and Agribusiness”, and also Associated Professor from Agriculture University of Tirana.

Actually, she holds the position of Head of Economics Department, from May 2016.

Previously she was Officer of Disbursement and Financial Management at foreign project financed by World bank and Islamic Development Bank.

From year 2008 and go on, invited lector in Economic Faculty, Agricultural University of Tirana and “Aleksandwr Xhuvani”, University in Elbasan.

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Flora Merko has authored or co-authored several publications in peer reviewed journals at regional, national and international conferences.

Her publications include:

“Greek crisis and its effects in Albanian Economy”. (2014), Struga, Macedonia.

“Economic Theory of land, Land Use and Land market, Problems and Policies of their Development in Albania”, IJEES (2015)

“Financial vulnerability and obstacles to good health: an analysis of the health care sector in Albania”, ICE 2016.

“Estimating the effects of fiscal policy on the private consumption: evidence from Albania” – ASECU 2017.

“The impact of good urban solid waste management in Albania`s economic development”., IJEES, (2017).

“Statistical and environmental evaluations on some potential air pollution in the city of Tirana, Albania”, (2017), Adana-Turqi.