Finance and Accounting Departament

Department Description

The Finance Accounting Department is one of the five core units of the Business Faculty. The Department has grown steadily considering both the study programs that it offers in Bachelor, Master and Doctorate studies, and the student admission capacity, ranking as the department with the largest number of students at the Business Faculty.

The academic staff of the Finance Accounting Department is young but prosperous in experiences within and outside the country. The department is comprised of an Associate Professor; ten doctors of science; one doctor in process and four members holding the Master of Science degree.

The Department is committed to prepare students for their career progression, learning desire, and a future environment to be employed. As parts of the staff are also engaged former students of this faculty, who have graduated with high scores in two or three study cycles. The Department strives to produce graduate students who will be technically competent, to think independently, to critically evaluate situations, to act responsibly, ethically, and to contribute positively and to be collaborative for employers and the community.

The Department offers two study programs in Bachelor, 4 study programs in Master of Science and Professional Master, and a study program in PhD studies. The Department has successfully completed the graduation of a large number of students in all the study programs it offers.

For the implementation of the learning process the department staff uses stored literature in the faculty library as well as materials found electronically. The department offers: 1) well-integrated curricula, 2) teaching quality, 3) student engagement in and outside the auditorium, and 4) quality of incoming students.

Now it has become a tradition for the department to organize open lectures with different personalities from the field of economics. Representatives of certain state institutions and also professionals in their work, are coming to conduct to our students the knowledge and experience gained over the years. Lectures are held with wide participation by students as well as academic staff.


Departament Chief 

Dr. Ada Aliaj


Armela Anamali


Ikbale Tota


Dr. Jonada Mamo