Banking and Finance

Professional Master in Banking and Finance

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Program description of  Professional master in Banking and Finance

The development of the financial system in the country has highlighted challenges in terms of its sustainability and the ways for assessing and forecasting potential risks that might threaten it. Professional Master Program in Banking and Finance is designed for individuals who are interested in gaining specialized professional knowledge in the field of banking and finance. The program enables students to acquire and apply advanced knowledge on banks and finances in order to build their career in the banking and financial services industries.

Why should you study in this program? The purpose of this program is to train and educate professionals in banking and finance. This program is designed for:

· Providing advanced knowledge to build a successful career in a variety of financial institutions.

· Applying basic theories of banks and finance to analyze, design and operate a business model using appropriate methods and tools.

· Gaining knowledge about proper communication in professional practices addressed to different audiences.

· Preparing the student to be an effective member or leader in a diversified working team.

Where can you get employed after graduating? Professional Master Program in Banking and Finance develops a range of practical and theoretical skills, providing students with the best career opportunities, including commercial banks, other financial institutions, investment banks, public institutions and authorities that regulate and supervise the financial system and businesses in general.