Banking and Finance

Master of Science in Banking – Finance

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Program description of Msc. Banking – Finance

Fast-paced developments in the economies of countries and especially developing countries such as Albania have highlighted challenges related to financial system stability, the ability to assess and forecast the financial system’s condition and the potential risks that might threaten its sustainability. These challenges require qualified specialists in the field of banking and finance. The program Msc in “Banking – Finance” is designed to provide students with the theoretical and professional knowledge and skills necessary for them to be successful in the professional and academic field, as well as in further advancement of their studies.

Why should you study in this program? The purpose of this program is to train and educate professionals in the field of banking management, financial management, on finding and financing various investment alternatives. Also, this program intends for students:

· To be trained in research and development for the benefit of firms, industries, and research institutes for finding and developing experiences within the country, the region and at a more global level.
· To create additional values for their career in response to the various opportunities they may encounter during their career.
· To become capable decision-makers for financial aspects.
· To gain ability to make appropriate decisions based on information contained in financial statements in accordance with international standards, in the most efficient way based on circumstances in national and international business relationships.
· To implement the most advanced techniques for identifying, assessing and controlling risk.

Where can you get employed after graduating? The Master of science Program in “Banking – Finance” aims to produce highly qualified bankers, professional economists and finance experts who are ready to join a dynamic community. At the end of the program, the student has the opportunity for further studies in the PhD-Banking-Finance study program. The student has also accumulated professional knowledge and skills to engage in both public and private sector employment, including regulatory or supervisory institutions of the entire financial system or of banking sector in particular, commercial banks, other non-bank financial institutions, Insurance companies, Pension funds, etc.