Banking and Finance

Bachelor in Banking – Finance

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Program description of Bsc. Banking – Finance

Banking and financial sector developments are proceeding at very rapid rates, which put the businesses / institutions in complex situations. The Bachelor program in “Banking and Finance” provides a broad knowledge base to enable students to be able to evaluate investment projects through different techniques. This program contains detailed information regarding financial decisions taken by individuals / businesses / institutions and the use of knowledge to raise funds in money and capital markets.

Why should you study in this program? The Bachelor program in “Banking and Finance” has as its main goal to prepare professionals with the right qualifications and sufficient knowledge in finance and banks. The main objectives underpinning this study program are:

· Preparing professionals capable of understanding, analyzing and anticipating rapid developments in the banking and financial sector.

· Developing the capacity needed to evaluate and compile economic and financial reports of any kind of public or private entity.

· Training students to evaluate financial systems in an international dimension.

· Developing skills for applying appropriate risk management techniques.

· Enabling students to recognize the structure of the financial markets, the parties involved, the financial instruments traded, and the impact of the various transactions taking place in these markets.

Where can you get employed after graduating? This study program enables students to expand their knowledge into a further study cycle: Professional / Scientific Master in “Banking and Finance”. Through the knowledge obtained in the Bachelor study program, students can have many employment opportunities especially in the banking sector but not only. At the end of their studies students have gained knowledge and skills to be employed as: private and public sector managers, financial officers or perform advanced studies in this field.