Finance and Accounting

Bachelor in Finance and Accounting

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(Description of the Bsc. Program in Financial and Accounting) 


The study Program of Bachelor in Finance and Accounting enables recognition and updating of students with the frequent changes in the National and International Accounting Standards and the manner of implementing these standards in the rapid economic development process of global economy. This study program focuses on transferring to students theoretical and practical knowledge to face any challenge in the current job market. The “Finance-Accounting” curriculum is rich with modules from albanian and foreign authors who are experts of the economy and financial markets. The main purpose of this study program is to provide professionals with the right qualification and necessary knowledge in the field of finance and accounting.

Why should you study in this program? The main purpose of study Program of Bachelor in “Finance-Accounting” is to enable students to recognize, handle and interpret accounting information and accounting systems. This study program is designed for:

· Promoting independent critical and appraisal skills, and intellectual curiosity for a lifelong learning.

· Promotion of analytical and creative engagement with theory, research and practice.

· Training of students in the recognition, treatment and interpretation of accounting systems and financial systems, management of operations related to financial companies and markets, or cost accounting.

· Expand knowledge and understanding by developing capacity, evaluation and analysis for company accounting, recording and compilation of financial data and preparation of financial statements.

· Analyzing business activities and conducting financial analysis and forecasts in different contexts of planning, decision making and control at an appropriate level, and recognition of the limitations of these techniques.

Where can you get employed after completing your studies? This study program provides students with the appropriate knowledge to gain employment opportunities in the financial sector of commercial, services units or other types, both in the public and private sector. Also, successful completion of this study program offers students the opportunity to further their studies in Professional Master and/or Master of Science.