Life (Nonlife) Insurance And Marine Insurance

Professional Master in Life (Nonlife) Insurance And Marine Insurance 

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Program description of  Mp. in Life (Nonlife) Insurance And Marine Insurance

Traditionally, the finance and insurance are quite distinct, but this distinction is disappearing. Insurance business is focused in all areas of life and in broad economic sense transfers the risk from individuals / entities to larger groups of individuals who are able to pay for the losses that are estimated from the occurrence of the insured event. This program provides insights into products, transactions and the legal framework of the insurance industry by focusing on life insurance, non-life insurance and marine insurance portfolios.


Why should you study in this program?

Students who completing the master’s degree in Life (Nonlife) Insurance And Marine Insurance will have gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills to demonstrate:

  • Appropriate assessments of how the insurance industry affects and is affected by management decisions, global issues and technical innovations.
  • Enhanced expertise in the insurance industry, with the abilities to addresses the managerial aspects and personal skills needed to be a leader in the field.
  • The business background necessary to complement insurance industry knowledge and provide strategic focus to a department or firm in the areas of e-commerce, innovation, technology, and business continuity.

Where can you get employed after graduating?

The role of insurance companies and products they offer in the market is essential for the functioning of financial markets, especially for the current situation of the Albanian financial market which consists almost exclusively of the Banking and Insurance Industry. Graduates from this program will be provided with the necessary knowledge to face the highly skilled work required of them in banking, insurance, pension and consulting industries, in engaging as an insurance agent, broker, insurance consultant, expert sales, financial manager of an insurance company, etc.