Risk Management and Insurance Industry

MSc in Risk Management and Insurance Industry

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Program description of  MSc in Risk Management and Insurance Industry                                                                                          

The Master of Science in Risk Management and Insurance Industry offers you a unique blend of insurance, risk management and financial services content. These areas are becoming increasingly interconnected and the importance of risk management as a specialised profession has continued to grow in a complex and volatile economic environment. It is now recognised that the business agenda has moved away from risk avoidance towards the recognition of that risk, which if correctly managed, can lead to competitive business advantage.

Why should you study in this program? The programme combines a practical approach with sound theory, providing the all-round skills and knowledge necessary for success in a competitive global business environment. The Master of Science in Risk Management and Insurance Industry has been designed to:

· Develop students’ technical capacity, objective reasoning for roles within the growth areas of risk management and insurance.

· Facilitate the development of specialized technical and analytical skills with a strong appreciation of underpinning assumptions.

· Promote the development of self-managed learning skills including time management, critical thinking and reflection.

Where can you get employed after graduating? Career destinations for our postgraduates are that they can work in a wide range of organisations, including insurance and reinsurance companies, major accounting firms, risk management departments, regulatory authorities and many other fields. The world becomes ever more unpredictable and unstable, in business terms, and the demand for risk managers and insurance is likely to be ongoing.