Management Departament

Departement of Management


Management Department as part of faculty of business in “Aleksander Moisiu”, University employs 15 academics in the various fields of management. Lecturers in this department are graduated from the best national and international universities. The department staff members bring first-hand management experience to their classes through their involvement in consulting, executive trainings or international

experiences. These activities contribute to a leading-edge curriculum that is updated regularly to maintain relevance. Managers play a crucial role leading effective and efficient organizations in today’s global, dynamic business environment. Our department prepares students for this challenge by training and education in fundamental concepts and practices across a variety of management disciplines. The Department of Management offers a variety of courses designed to meet the needs of students interested in careers, in management, management consulting, and entrepreneurship. This department offers degree concentrations that provide students with an exciting and diverse range of opportunities to focus their studies. Students that decide to study in our department have the possibility to study in the bachelor program of “Business Administration” or choose for their further studies between the master programs such as Master of Science in “Business Management”, or Professional master studies in “Business Management” or “SME Management”, and a PhD program in “Public Administration”.

Students that graduate in management department study programs gain a background that prepares them to face management challenges in the companies and institutions that are employed. They have the possibility to learn about management, enterprises and are pushed toward start up experiences. The curriculums offered from Management department are created based on students and market needs in order to create a connection between skills needed from the market and knowledge offered from students.


Departament Chief

Dr. Olta Nexhipi