Business Administration

Bachelor in Business Administration English

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Program description of Bsc. Business Administration

The Bachelor in Business Administration trains students in the field of business administration and beyond. It updates students’ knowledge with basic information in the field of administration for private companies and also management of specific departments in state institutions. During the studies in this program students are introduced to human resource management, project design, logistics concepts, financial operation of companies, and so on. This study program focuses on transmitting theoretical and practical knowledge to students to face any challenge in the current labor market, whether national or international. The curriculum of the program “Business Administration” is rich in modules by Albanian and foreign authors who are experts in the field of administration. The main purpose of this study program is prepare graduetes to enter the professional market with the right qualification and the necessary knowledge in the field of Business Administration.

The main goal of the Bachelor studies in “Business Administration”, is to train students theoretically and practically in the field of administration. This study program is designed for:

• Development of practical and technical skills both personally and professionally. Creating these skills boosts the self-confidence of future professionals.

• Develop communication skills and the ability to lead enterprises and colleagues towards success.

• Promoting analytical and creative interaction with theory, research and practice.

• Training students in recognizing, handling and interpreting management information systems, whether managerial or financial.

• Analyzing business activities and performing managerial analysis and forecasting, in different contexts of planning, decision making and organizational control.

• Develop the ability to cope with and anticipate managerial risks

This study program provides the necessary knowledge for students to find employment opportunities in any sector of commercial enterprises and certain departments of state institutions. Also, the successful completion of this study program offers students the opportunity for further studies in Professional Master and / or Scientific Master.