Business Administration

Bachelor in Business Administration English

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Program description of Bsc. Business Administration

The frequent changes in the labor market, along with the globalization process, require qualified specialists in all areas of management. This program is designed to deliver students the necessary professional skills in a way that they can be successful in job search. The program of the Bsc. “Business Administration” creates a variety of career opportunities in the professional and academic field. At the same time, employment opportunities  come from the private and public sectors, because this program creates complete knowledge of the business/institutional management system, and solve their problems and development.


Why should you study in this program?

The aim of this program is to build capacities and educate business professionals with analytical responsibilities focusing on management of business performance. Students are provided with in-depth knowledge in economic theory and they further develop skills in quantitative analysis;they can transfer knowledge about the instruments needed for analysis and problem solving in the workplace.  On the other hand,  students develop knowledge  about economic modelling, statistical quantitative and qualitative methods, and  they can apply management science to the daily business problems.  Students have the possibility to conduct studies on consumers, firms, markets and research on organization, operations, quality, projects.


Where can you get employed after graduating?

Bsc. in “Business Administration” develops a set of skills combining practical skills, managerial and communication skills, in order to make business decisions. Gained knowledge is  general theoretical economic knowledge . At the end of the program,  students gain knowledge and skills to be employed as: managers in the private and public sector, specialists in production management, specialists in human resource management, project management specialists, organizational communication specialists, further  opportunity to continue advanced studies in this field, etc.