Business Management

Scientific Master in Business Management English

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Program description of MSc Business Management

Knowledge, managerial skills and necessary instruments are necessary for management students in order to be competititve in the contemporary  labor market. This is a qualifying program that develops required skills for strategic management in a globalized economy. The program MSc in Business Management offers to students knowledge about the practices of the management of business organization in the global economy, understading and managing change and organization challenges through adequate solutions. The program was designed to offer to students step by step of all the aspects of the management of an organization and the creation of research knowledge.


Why should you study in this program?

This study program is characterized by analitic critical thinking and preparation of students to continue a competitive PhD degree, independent research career and professional career. Through combining theoretical knowledge with organizational reality, students are skilled to create organizational statetgies, conduct business analysis, create innovative products, manage change and improve collaboration. Students are encouraged towards leadership, innovation and iniciative attitudes and orientation. They have also the possibility to know and use instruments and methodologies necessary to monitor performance and develop organizational success. Students are taught to perceive organization as a system consequently it is easier to understand relations between different organization parts. To conclude this program offers to student knowledg in research field to further continue doctoral studies in Economics Science, specificially in management profiles.


Where can you get employed after graduating?

The aim of this program is to form experts and specialist with skills and specialized knowledge in the field of business managements. Graduates will be able to offer their skills and competencies in organizations that operate in different sectors of economy in different hierarchical managerial levels and in functional subdivisions. This program allows students to be employed in private and public sector. After finishing this program students can be employed asL c-level managers in private sector and public sector, NGO manager, operations manager, human resource manager, project manager, quality manager, etc.