Business Management

Professional Master in Business Management English

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Program description of MP Business Management

Dynamic environment and the increased degree problem complexity or situations that organizations faces requires qualified managers with adequate conceptual and diagnostic skills. This study program is projected to transfer to students necessary knowledge and skills to manage successfully organizations in private and public sector leading them towards desired performace. Study Program Professional Master in “Business Management” creates different career opportunities. It is designed in such a wat to make students discover step by step all the aspects of managing an organization.


Why should you study in this program?

The main goal of this study program is to introduce to students concepts and techniques of contemporary management. Students are skilled to strategically think about organizations, recognize the its actual position and planify the future, resources and skills and strategies that should be used to gain stable competitive advantage through combing theoretical knowledge and organizational reality. Students are taught to perceive organization as system consequently it is easier to understand the relationships between different organizational parts and develop decision making skills.


Where can you get employed after graduating?

Study Program Professional Master in “Bussiness Management” offers qualified knowledge in management field increasing opportunities for professional career. Through increasing technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills, students can be employed in different typologies of organization in different sectors. After finalizing this program students can be employed as: c-level managers in public and privat sector, operations managers or specialists operations specialist, human resource managers or  human resources specialists, project managers or project specialists, communication specialists, etc.