Business Management

Professional Master in Business Management English

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Program description of MP Business Management

The Professional Master in Business Management aims to specialize students’ capacity in running a Business. This program provides the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to successfully manage businesses and to be a successful employee of them. This program offers a contemporary curriculum which is in line with the demands of the national and international markets. Professional Master in Business Management is one of the most sought after branches in the professional market and the curriculum of this program gives the opportunity to be professionally trained graduates in the field of economics but not only. This study program trains worthy professionals and encourages individuals towards managerial decision making and more professional confrontation with market challenges.

The main goal of the Professional Master study program in “Business Management” is to train students theoretically and practically in the field of Management. This study program is designed to:

• Encourage the creative skills of graduates in the field of business management

• Development of theoretical and practical skills in creating new companies

• Capacity building for employees of national and international companies

• Develop communication skills and the ability to lead enterprises and colleagues towards success.

• Trained professionals in company management ranging from communication to other managerial functions such as human resource management, decision making, thirst.

• Train professionals who know how to face market challenges

• To train professionals who can manage certain sectors of state institutions

This study program provides the right knowledge for students wishing to be employed in the private business sector and state institutions. Graduates of this program can also be employed as consultants in the field of business management, such as in banking institutions or state institutions that create policies for this category of business. Students who complete this cycle of study can be self-employed or

employed in various sectors, such as the tourism industry, the banking sector, education, manufacturing companies, B2B companies, etc. Also, the successful completion of this study program offers students the opportunity for further study in the Master of Science.