SME Management

Professional Master in SME Management English

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Program description of MP Business Management

The increasing of the private sector in Albania along with its other characteritcs transformed Small and Medium Entreprises in key actors for national economic development. Increasing competition in different sectors requires qualified managers able to make efficient decions. This study program is projected to transfer to student necessary theoritical and practical skils to manage successfully small and medium organizations in the private sector in order to achieve organizational objectives through valuating key indications in managing and implemeting adequate solutions of their valuation. Study Program in “SME Management” creates different career oppurtinities.


Why should you study in this program?

The main goal of this study program is to familiarize students with concepts and techniques in contemporary management of small and medium entreprises. Students have the possibility to discover step by step all the aspects of SME management through combining theoretical knowledge and case studies. They can aquire the necessary competencies that are required to improve the strategical and competitive position of the organization, organize in efficiently organizational processes, innovate and favorize internationalization and iniciate and manage a new business. Students have also the the possibility to develop managerial knowledge to identify critical situation and solve problems for SME recovery and its future growth.


Where can you get employed after graduating?

Study Program Professional Master in “SME Management” offers qualified knowledge in management increasing professional career opportunities. Graduates can be employed in small and medium entreprises, in different managerial levels in various industries or they can be entrepreneurs themsevles. After finalizing the program students can be employed as: c –level managers in the private sector, operations managers or specialists of operations, human resource managers of human resource specialists, project managers or  project management specialisits, organizational communication specialists, etj.