Marketing Departament

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is one of the five departments of Business Faculty. It offers two full-time bachelor cycles in Marketing Management and Communication and Digital Marketing, a scientific and professional master, as well as a doctorate who has a Marketing Management study program. This department covers teaching on marketing subjects at the Faculty of Business.

The Marketing Department has a special importance within the faculty, as it offers study programs of interest to students in line with the needs of the labor market. The study programs covered by this department have been expanding and improving in terms of curricula, teaching methods, scientific activities, and so on. The Department aims to maximize the quality of teaching through full-time and part-time academic staff, aiming at providing value added not only to the Business Faculty, but also to the University as a whole.

The Department supports strongly the increase of the academic level, encouraging the graduation and scientific qualification of its staff members, having the largest number of academic staff with the title “Professor” at university level.

The Department’s main focus is to provide excellent teaching methods through a highly professional and dedicated staff that will enable students to have a comprehensive and profound training on the marketing field so that they are ready and willing to necessary for the labor market. Our goal is for every student to feel confident that after graduation there will be multiple opportunities, thanks to the knowledge gained, to build a successful career.

The Department focuses on continuous curriculum improvement, adapting to market needs, as well as student requirements from all cycles. The work culture of the department is based on comprehensive and regular discussion and debate as regards curriculum improvement, addressing issues raised by students, collaboration with business marketing experts by inviting them on a regular basis to hold open lectures for students, initiating academic and scientific research activities, as well as those with social impact.




MsC. Arlind KASA  


Dr. Violeta Neza