Azeta Tartaraj

Prof.Asoc.Dr. Azeta TARTARAJ is the Dean of the Faculty of Business at “Aleksandër Moisiu” University of Durrës. She holds degrees from the Faculty of Economics at University of Tirana  (BSc in Marketing), the University of Tirana in collaboration ëith University of Nebrasca (MSc in Marketing) and “Aleksandër Moisiu” University of Durrës (PhD in Economics/Marketing).

Previously she ëas Head of the “Department of Marketing” at Faculty of Business at “Aleksandër Moisiu” University.

Prof.Asoc.Dr. Azeta TARTARAJ has authored or co-authored several books: Fundamentals of marketing, Marketing management, Integrated marketing communication, B2B marketing, Advertising and over 25 publications in peer revieëed journals at regional, national and international conferences. She is member of Scientific Board of various scientific journals.

Her publications include:

“Private Hospital Marketing In health system of Albania” International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Sciences (IJEES) Vol. 5 (1): 23-28 (2015) ISSN:2224-4980

Global Impact Factor (GIF) IF=  2013: 0.541, Index Copernicus ICV= 2011: 6.00; 2012: 5.68, USA January 2015

 “Applicazione delle tecniche di marketing nelle PMI in Albania”, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 5, No. 27, December 2014, PART III,Rome, Italy 2014

Index Copernicus Year 2012 Impact Factor 6.44, Rome, Italy, December 2014.

“The importance of the price factor in the development of E-commerce. Case B2C in Albania” Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol.2, No.1,Global Impact Factor (GIF) IF=  2013: 0.682, Rome, Italy 2013

“Sustainable tourism and local development in Albania” First International scientific conference “Economic Policy and EU Integration”, Durres, Albania, November 19-20, 2009