Edlira Llazo

Dr.Edlira Llazo lecturer in the Department of Marketing at Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës. She holds degrees from the University “F.S Noli”  (Integrated Diploma in Management),    from ISSAT (Executive Master in “Finance and Accounting) and “Master of Business Administration, Concentration on Finance-Accounting”,  “University of Bussines and International Studies”, Geneva and PhD in Marketing from UBT.

Previously she was specialist at Savings Bank and specialist of investments at  Prefecture Durres

Dr. Edlira Llazo has authored or co-authored several books Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management and Advanced Marketing  and over 13 publications in peer revieëed international journals at different countries as Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, England, SHBA etc, and has participate at over 15 regional, national and international conferences .

Her publications include “Labeling of Agri-food  Products in Albanian Agriculture Context” (2017), “The attitudes of entrepreneurs and managers regarding the information technology in Albanian tourism enterprises” (2016), “Customer Attitudes towards Short Food Supply Chain in Albania” (2014), “Small Scale Farming and Agricultural Product Marketing in Albania” (2013), “The Estimation of the Alternatives that Improve the System of Trade of Agricultural products in Albania”(2013)