Master of Science in “Marketing-Management”

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Program description of the Master of Science in Marketing-Management

The Master of Science in “Marketing Management” offer both, basic knowledge for students as for professional related to the course of study. The aim of this study program is to qualify graduate students who can fit into managerial and marketer roles based on the present market demand. The frequent changes in the labor market, along with the globalization process, require qualified specialists in all areas of management. This program is designed to deliver students the necessary professional skills in a way that they can be successful in job search. The program of MSc. in “Marketing-Management” creates a variety of career opportunities in the professional and academic field. At the same time, employment opportunities come from the private and public sectors, because this program creates complete knowledge of the business/institutional management system, and solve their problems and development. The main objectives of the program of MSc. in “Marketing-Management” are:

  1. To develop the ability to apply appropriate media management techniques.
  2. To develop the ability to take marketing campaign.
  3. To learn how to examine various topics systematically and from a theoretically well-grounded perspective.
  4. To prepare professionals in the field of corporate marketing, to investigate how companies select marketing management alternatives or what their best management options are.
  5. To develop the capacity to appraise and compile economic and marketing reports.
  6. To develop an appreciation of the international dimension of marketing systems.
  7. To prepare professionals in the field of quantitative and qualitative reaserch. as well as the responsible use of such instruments.

The Student to be accepted and eligible for enrolling to the study program “Professional Master” in “Marketing Management” should have one  have one of the listed diplomas:

–           First Cycle Degree/ Bachelor

–           First Cycle Degree acquired out of the country and recognized and evaluated as equal with above mentioned degrees from Ministry of Education and Sports.


Why should you study in this program?

The purpose of this program is to prepare professionals with the right qualifications and in-depth knowledge in marketing. Developments in the marketing field are fast and complex. Students graduated in this field should be able to understand, analyze and anticipate these developments; to develop their ability to build and evaluate economic and marketing reports; providing students with theoretical knowledge on marketing science by integrating this knowledge with practice; providing students with the appropriate operational and practical competencies for business reality analysis and not just where market actors operate; to create the necessary space for further academic and professional qualification by expanding their opportunities to adapt into the labor market; to develop the capability of developing marketing campaigns, etc. This program offers further study opportunities in study programs: PhD in “Marketing Management”


Where can you get employed after completing your studies?

The Master of Science in “Marketing-Management” develops a set of skills combining practical skills, managerial and communication skills, in order to make business decisions. Gained knowledge is  general theoretical economic knowledge. At the end of the program,  students gain knowledge and skills to be employed as: marketing manager or manager in the private and public sector, specialist in sales management, marketing management specialists, communication specialists, media management specialists, specialists in public relations offices, product manager, further  opportunity to continue advanced studies in this field, etc.