Hotel and Restaurant Management

Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management, English

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Program description of Hotel and Restaurant Management 

Developments in the Albanian tourism sector, the process of globalization, the addition of accommodation units and tourism businesses, have led to an increase in labor market demands and the need for qualified specialists in the recognition of techniques in the management of hotels, bars and restaurants.This program is designed to teach students theoretical and practical knowledge of accommodation unit management.The Bsc Study Program, “Hotel and Restaurant Management” creates a variety of career opportunities in the professional and academic field. The program provides employment both in the private and public sector, as the program provides full knowledge of hotel and restaurant management, financial assessment and performance.


Why should you study in this program?

The purpose of this program is to train and educate young professionals in the field of hotel and restaurant management as the need, demand and awareness of the tourism sector as a result of the development of this sector over the last decades.Among others, students are provided with knowledge and concepts about the quality management of hotels and restaurants, and the basics for larger entities.The student is trained on the methods that serve to analyze the process of management, product marketing, customer communication, economic and financial assessment in the context of the development of tourism business.


Where can you get employed after graduating?

The Bachelor Program in “Hotel and Restaurant Management” develops a series of skills, both theoretical and technical parts, that are necessary in the field of hospitality. At the end of the program, the student receives knowledge and skills to be employed as: hotel manager, food and drink manager, marketing expert in hospitality, specialist in private and public institutions.