Management of Cultural Tourism

Bachelor in Management of Cultural Tourism (English)

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Program description of Bsc. Management of Cultural Tourism

One of the most important challenges for developing tourism are human resources in cultural assesment menagement. The purpose of the program is to give to students knowledge and froklifts ëith values, importance, managerial elements of buidings and other cultural monuments in Albania. Furthermore, it enables them to play active role in touristic planings.

Why should you study in this program?

Main objective of the programme “Management of Cultural Tourism” is to give students basic concepts how touristic businesses are organized from financial and economic point of view. Through this program students are able to know challenges of management of cultural tourism. This program is combining theory with practise, through lectures and field trips, where students are visiting different sites and are looking needs for management of it. Students can continue in the second cycle of the program studding in MSc “Management of Cultural Legacy in Adriatic basin”

Where can you get employed after graduating?

BA program in “Management of cultural tourism” aims to develop a number of skills such management and communication. At the end of the programme students are able to work in: travel agencies, as touristic guides, NGO’s, public and private sector interested in tourism.