Management of Cultural Tourism

Bachelor in Management of Cultural Tourism (English)

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This program offers an innovation in the Albanian academic market, especially in the regional one. The training framework for this specialty aims to provide knowledge and competencies in achieving the objectives of good management policies of cultural heritage sites in the context of sustainable development aiming at the creation of marketable products and their sustainability in time. Gaining knowledge enables students to be original in developing ideas and implementing them in the context of scientific research.

Why should you study in this program? The Bachelor Degree study program in “Cultural Tourism Management” offers students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop practical and professional skills in the field of management of cultural institutions. Familiarity with the basic concepts of management of public cultural institutions, with the constituent elements of cultural heritage, conservation methods, revitalization, and their management, together with professional practices, that provide the student with the necessary knowledge to compete in the tourism market.

Where can you get employed after graduating? BA program degree in “Management of Cultural Tourism” aims to develop skills in management and communication values of historical, cultural and natural heritage. At the end of the programme students are able to work in: travel agencies, as touristic guides, NGO’s, public and private sector related to tourism.