Bank Management

Description of Study Program:

Bachelor in Bank Management

(Study Program in English Language)

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Albanian economy is changing continuously and requires employees able to respond to market demands according to the respective sector. Banking sector is one of the most formalized sectors in Albanian economy. It needs staff that is dynamic, loyal and knows very well procedures and processes within the bank. At FASTIP students attend dual studies, where they spend half of the time in theoretical qualification in faculty and the other half in the company. The strong linkage between theory and practice makes students able to cope with different situations coming out from various working processes. At the end of their studies students are able to work not only in the banking sector but also at private enterprises of other sectors of economy.

The students get the best theoretical and practical qualification in the banking area. Students internalized quickly the gained knowledge in theory through the immediate application of theory into practice. Their qualification in economical science gives them the opportunity to get hired not only in banking sector but also in other sectors.

Students of FASTIP sign a contract with the company from the beginning of their studies. In the bank they attend the practice and get hired after successful graduation. At the end of the studies, almost every student is employed at their training bank.