Management of Hospitality and Tourism Management Departament

Description of Department

Management of Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Department is the basic teaching and scientific research unit.  At Faculty of Integrated Studies with Practice the department has the same denomination as study programs but they differ in their objectives.

In one academic year, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management covers 34 theoretical and 5 practical modules. The majority of theoretical modules are conducted by foreign guest professors, referring to the specific functioning philosophy of FASTIP. There are three full-time lecturers at FASTIP.

In this Department, the process of recruiting pedagogues is of special importance as the combination of theory with practice requires students to focus on the application of knowledge into practice.
The Department responds to business partners for the theoretical knowledge to be coherent and applicable in the entrepreneurship environment. Due to strong partnerships with companies, the department’s main attention is to be coherent to partners’ requirements, without neglecting the academic-scientific formation.