Small and Medium Enterprise Management

Bachelor in “Small and Medium Enterprise Management”

(Study Program in English Language)

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Dual studies in the Bachelor program aim to prepare students with standardized theoretical and academic skills, but also to give students the skills of an experienced worker. Dual studies, in the “Small and Medium Enterprise Management” study program, last 3(three) years. One semester lasts 6(six) months and it is divided into the theoretical and practical phase,  3(three) months long each phase. Through the parallelization of professional activity throughout the study period, there is a high possibility of employing students in qualifying and high responsibility positions at the moment of graduation. In addition, at FASTIP’s “SME” study program, at least 50% of the courses are conducted in English language by foreign lecturers. This enables students to gain the knowledge and experience of an European education.

Students who complete the studies at FASTIP acquire methodological, specific and professional knowledge and skills in the field of management of Hospitality-Tourism sector. They also possess detailed knowledge in finance, marketing, leadership, sales and distribution. They are able to apply these skills directly into practical solutions to complex business problems. Graduates are able to reflect their knowledge in a practical way, and also to continue studying to adapt to market changes and social conditions in every institution of higher education.

The knowledge gained during the theoretical phases of study in the study program of “Small and Medium Enterprise Management” and the practical experience gained during professional training in supporting companies, gives students the skills to know the basic processes of organization, planning, control and management in the workplace. For this reason, graduates from this study program have the opportunity to start an immediate career in the middle management position, in a wide range of different areas of enterprise management. Most of FASTIP’s SME students were hired immediately after graduating from the companies that supported and trained them for three years along.